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The Rotherwick Neighbourhood Watch Scheme covers all homes and businesses in the village of Rotherwick. Regular alerts are sent out to scheme members via email and the more that join the scheme the better in order to keep the neighbourhood safe. By joining a registered scheme it is likely that you will be able to get reductions on your insurance premiums.

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Scheme coordinator

S***y D****e
Having been burgled in 2012 I resurrected the NHW Scheme for Rotherwick as a way to try and keep the neighbourhood safe. If everyone is involved it makes people more aware of suspicious activity in the area and more likely to report this on the 101 number for the police to check out. Since starting the scheme we have already reported a few things that have been seen that we have not been sure about and if this stops someone else being burgled or having property damaged then I will have done my job. I work in a communications and marketing engagement role within the field of policing so have an interest in this area.
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