Scheme information

Residents of Nutfield Road (North) pulled together in February 2015 following a bout of burglaries and car break-ins through 2014. We have good support within the area and currently expanding our radius to incorporate Nutfield Road, Albury Road and all those in between

Scheme coordinator

Caroline Slater
Hi, my name is Caroline Slater. I have been living in Nutfield Road, Merstham for nearly 10 years. Rather fortunately we opted to dig up our front garden when we first moved in, and it gave us the wonderful opportunity to chat to neighbours in all directions. I can't say that we know them all by name, but many on 'sight' and I love that we're able to 'acknowledge' people with a friendly wave. One of my neighbours was broken into 3 times through 2014 and seriously considering moving - which is a sad, and so I starting chatting to people to see if they'd be supportive of a Neighbourhood watch scheme... and here we are.
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