North clifden estate

Scheme information

We are a group of residents, that have a concerted intention; to keep our area free of crime and anti-social behaviour We have direct/close-contact with Salix Homes and Community Police Officers We endeavour to 'meet-up' MONTHLY, to discuss 'progress' made, with issues, that were raised in previous meetings and to report upon any... New Concerns As coordinator, I can inform 'relevant authorities' IMMEDIATELY, of any matters, that residents bring to my attention and, of course, we all of us have, the 999 telephone number, for emergencies

Scheme coordinator

David Batchelor
I, am in my 'sixties', (most of my neighbours are 50+) and we live in a fairly QUIET area that has suffered, from some anti-social behaviour ~loud music, vandalism, (littering, by through traffic) and criminal activity (burglaries, car-theft and drug-dealing) We realize, that there is 'safety' in numbers, and have we have come-together, in-order to, maintain (and control) the standard of comfort, that we enjoy in our area As a group, we oversee our neighbour's homes, whilst, they are 'away from home' and will 'draw prompt-attention', to any problems they may be experiencing (in their absence) I was appointed, by Salix Homes and my neighbours, to be our 'coordinator' and seeing 'the benefits' of such a scheme, I volunteered .... of-course We would like to see the group-membership 'grow, in numbers' and to establish contact, with similar schemes, in surrounding areas, in order to acquire 'advance-warning' of what might, soon occur in our area, and also, to share 'experiences' as to 'what works' and 'what might-not' I can be contacted, on my mobile: 07773209114 Dave
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