Jubilee rd neighbourhood watch

Scheme information

We have created a community garden at the bottom rear of jubilee rd,st marys road We have put a bench and tree bench in the garden for the community to enjoy in spring and summer. We also do tea parties in the garden for the community to get to know each other.Even getting the residents to help of planting of flowers.

Scheme coordinator

Colin Froggatt
We started the scheme off to make a difference, Giving back to the community.Has a community we can help rid of anti-social behavior,ie drinking in the streets,alleys etc.Drug abuse is another issue especially dealers on the street ruining peoples lives,We can help to stamp out these issues if we keep together and keep the authorities in the loop.We can also have fun street parties,garden parties etc we would like others to join up with us and make a difference to your community,Making our society safer for all.
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