Timberlea Close, Ashington

Scheme information

Welcome to the Timberlea Close, Ashington Neighbourhood Watch scheme's. If you're not a member yet and want to know more or signup to it please e-mail horshamnhw@gmail.com and we will be happy to help you and give you a warm welcome. Horsham District Neighbourhood Watch has a Facebook page covering the whole of the District that may be helpful and you can find it by searching Horsham Neighbourhood Watch on Facebook.

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Scheme coordinator

Neville Clark
I have lived in the close for over 25 years and joined NHW shortly after moving in. It has been a joyful low crime area, please help it stay that way. We do not accept uninvited callers nor hawkers. My aim is to promote NHW good practice for the security of all living in Timberlea Close and the wider village community. Also to suggest residents sign up to receive the NHW email newsletters and other information on community safety if they are able. For those keen to take a more active part it is about time someone else took the lead. For more information please e-mail: horshamnhw@gmail.com
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