Hodgemoor riding association

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Increase safety of cyclists and horse riders by getting them off dangerous country roads and on to dedicated trails. Horse riders: The riding trails in Hodgemoor Wood are maintained by the Hodgemoor Riding Association for the Forestry Commission. Since 2000 the Hodgemoor Riding Association has raised close to £100,000 for renovating the paths in the woods and for off-road access. We have also generated a new bridleway and four new permissive trails... 3000 metres of new track costing £36 per metre! The two pictures above are the same place, the Spring Link, before and after our work. Amazing. The objective has been to keep horses on their allocated paths and to free the wood from extensive areas of mud in winter. This makes the wood a nicer place for walkers and ramblers, and indeed, the Association was honoured by the British Horse Society's Access Award 2005 for the success of their work. As of 1 April 2008 it is compulsory to be a member of the Association to use the permissive trails in the wood. Membership includes sponsored rides, Le Trec, cross-country jumping, demonstrations and other events, access to Thames Valley Horse Watch information (on the web), your map of the woods and the 3-yearly e-newsletter.

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