Claremont terrace neighbourhood watch

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Claremont Terrace is an cul-de-sac of Victorian three story houses. Some are family homes, others are flats, a couple of guest houses and some in multiple occupancy, mainly as student lets. The scheme is closely linked to the Claremont Terrace Residents' Association.

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Scheme coordinator

Barrie Stephenson
I have lived in the street since 1987 and was asked to start a scheme by the local police constable. It was so successful in helping residents support each other that we also successfully developed the residents' association. Now we welcome newcomers to the street, offer security advice the students, hold social events and street parties. We find that the more people meet each other the more the community functions successfully. We have a community notice board to keep people up to date with events, bin collection and advice about keeping the area tidy.
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