Cardross and Ardmore Rural Watch

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Cardross and Ardmore Rural Watch is a joint project with Police Scotland and Cardross Community Council to offer a Neighbourhood Watch Service to the community and to improve communications between the partners. I am delighted to announce that the good people at ARDARDAN ESTATE have agreed to sponsor the initiative and assist with the costs of setting the scheme up. So a big thanks to them. In addition, such schemes offer ownership of areas and allow members to take a pride in the areas that they live and work. All weather signage has been obtained and will be placed strategically around the village. This will advertise that the area is lived in, cared for and managed by a caring community. Crime is not welcome in this area. Membership is FREE and many home insurers offer a discount to members of a recognised Neighbourhood Watch Scheme. When signing up members will provide an email contact address, this address will be used to pass out details of incidents and crimes and advice relevant to your area. Cardross and Ardmore are friendly communities which have many residents who care for the area. Take the next step and sign up for FREE. Cardross and Ardmore Neighbourhood Watch, in partnership with Cardross Community Council and Ardardan Estate. www.ardardan.co.uk

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Scheme coordinator

David Armstrong
This scheme is being coordinated by Sergeant Johnston based at Helensburgh Police Office. The scheme is being run in tandem with the Lomond North Rural watch to the north and west of Helensburgh. Both of these schemes continue to grow and we aim to update members regularly through e mail with regard to matters relevant to the area, scams, crime trends and general crime prevention advice.
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