Seedfield tra & home watch

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We are a Tenants & Residents Association that also runs a Home Watch scheme for the whole area. Membership to the TRA is £2 p.a. We hold 2 meetings a year but we also have an e-mail scheme were we can cascade relevant information received from elsewhere (usually Bury Police).

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Scheme coordinator

Gary Hardman
On the day I arrived in the area we were given a note from the then HW coordinator about all the houses that were broken into that week. Shocked wasn't in it. However since merging the smaller schemes with the local TRA we were able to more easily promoted better home security and an ethos of good neighbourliness - which seems to have worked as the crime figures have plummeted. We encourage local deputy coordinators to build up membership in their street, but we are grouped together for ease of admin and strength in numbers.
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