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"Crescent Watch 24/7" was created to help pool all the members and their resources together to help protect one another and their homes. # Set n random dog walks. # HD CCTV on many homes in the area. # looking after pll's homes when away. # we Investigate sounding home/car alarms and check your doors windows ect as most pll in this day n age don't :( # help n advice. -list of contacts to help, basic website and much more coming soon. -even tho we have been helping each other for many years now more help is always welcome. -only just started this named NHWS so plz give me time to set it all up, if u do require help or info plz contact me v email at crescentwatch247@gmail.com

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Alastair Staveley
This all started many years ago as I have lived in the area all my life and have many family n friends in the area, so ofc we look out for each other, our homes and ofc neighbours n their homes. in more recent years this has grown into more, cos of crime and cos of more pll wanting to help and feel a little safer. So with set n random dog walks, a lot more communication with more neighbours around the streets and a recent boost in CCTV with HD recording with Smartphone live streaming in and around many homes in the area O and ofc the little things like looking after holyday makers homes, keeping doors, windows and gates locked ect has made the area a little safer now but with no real central point to communicate this all to things can be missed n could be better. So as a computer geek n working from home most of the time with use of tech and live stream HD CCTV from plls homes n pc's I wanted to help more so I created "Crescent Watch 24/7" to help pool all my friends n family's and now the members and thair assets/resources together to help fight crime safely n hopefully feel abit safer in your homes n on the streets :) plz give me time to sort all this out n n build a website, contact list ect. tho plz contact me v email at crescentwatch247@gmail.com if u need advice info or help ty :)
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