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The following was put through the letterbox of all households on Friday 20th May: Hazelwood Close Neighbourhood Watch _ Please Read and Keep Handy _ The Coronavirus Response From: (CO-ORDINATOR NAME ADDRESS AND PHONE CONTACT ...WITHHELD HERE FOR FRAUD PREVENTION) To: All Original Scheme Members and to all Opted-Out-Households Date: Friday 20th March 2020 You have not heard from me since Neighbourhood Watch went dormant at County and National level and was finally reborn and integrated into the Lancashire Volunteer Partnership. Now we truly are in need of some community spirit to make good any shortfalls in stretched official resources, to see that we all stay safe. The government plan is to slow the spread of the virus to delay the peak demand on NHS Intensive Care Units until the summer. Actions needed might be to collect food, medication, newspaper or post a letter. By late June up to half of Hazelwood Close could have had the mild symptoms and gained immunity while a small number of households will have one or more family member over 70 years old or with underlying health conditions self-isolating from tomorrow, for four months, on government advice. (1) I need those self-isolating but clear of symptoms or those with Coronavirus staying at home for fourteen days or more under the direction of their G.P. to let me know. (by phone -please remember to give a contact number) (2) I need those who would be willing to help those temporarily housebound in some way, to also let me know. (by phone -please remember to give a contact number) (3) I am self isolating from tomorrow, being in an 'at-risk' group as well as close to 70 years old but I will co-ordinate available help from within the local community to where needed, to the extent that this is possible. I trust that the above will be a reassurance to those who are housebound that they are not on their own and that the community can pull together, if the official channels are too stretched or not readily available. I will agree a safe protocol for all volunteers to follow, where necessary, based on best practice elsewhere. Please arrange local community help through me, unless you know the person, to avoid fraud UPDATE: I have offers of support from five people to help the housebound as above. Six households are in two different categories of self isolation. As I expect things to peak by late June I could use some more volunteers. Remember that everyone will be housebound sooner or later. FRAUDSTERS ARE TRYING IT ON - BEWARE! There are already reports of doorstep callers trying to sell fake goods to help with Coronavirus or offering to get you shopping with your bank card and PIN number or want to gain access to your home for some reason. These callers may claim to be from some official organisation such as the Red Cross or a utility company and may even claim to be doing mandatory testing for Coronavirus. Do not let them in. Seek advice independently, do not use any contact numbers that they provide ...which could well be another scammer.

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