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I would like to secure Chosen Way and Burleigh Croft and work together reporting a crime. I would like us just registered and taking sensible common sense security and in touch with minor vigilance & measures and reporting all crime to Crime Stoppers as a community on here as we have had a few criminal offences in the area over the years. As there are mostly all good people here now esp. all the newer neighbours for one I think we ought to be able to email each other and unite here as a community and keep reports flowing to Crime Stoppers as one. I also know where to get cameras and good sold 8-inch steel bolts cheaply and how to secure a property from Sussex Constabulary resources and British Army training manuals as will be evident to anyone who sees my place. I have sensitive data for the Home Office on the premises but none of us like crime and a united front on Neighbourhood Watch UK's biggest voluntary anti crime network is a successful deterrent and also gets actual results. So it makes sense. You can just report it to Crime Stoppers privately with the link on here and feel free to add anyone on the map shown with the lines and points!! I will edit that and add everyone in due course. Our catchment area is in BLUE on the map. I will get stickers out to everyone and signs. The more who join the more people like to report to Crime Stoppers and it is just good for the community. We are united here against crime large and small and I only add people we approve the character of.

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Prof. Harvey Crichton
Professor Harvey Crichton. Part time lecturer at University of Oxford and writer and researcher and CEO of Harvey's Angels Detective Agency Ltd. and Crichton Security Services where I offer products, advice and services at cost price or advice where and what to get. I can help out with handyman and products for bolts for the elderly for FREE and advice on security systems and locks and data about crime if needed. I have done some Sussex Constabulary approved training and some things are on The Harvey's Angels Detective Agency Ltd. FACEBOOK page. I am also on there and it is a great form of contact for me. I can be very hard to reach sometimes. Glad to offer services to my good neighbours. I myself have data to keep secure by Home Office decree and as I have one foot in Law Enforcement and I care and have some know how and the cameras I may as well coordinate matters from " The Vicarage " here at number 9. You will find I am easyto chat to esp. on FB or a quick email. I will probably get FB faster.
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