Cowley, Temple Cowley & Cowley Marsh

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WELCOME to the COWLEY, TEMPLE COWLEY and COWLEY MARSH scheme.You will be a valued member of the community by helping to reduce crime in your area. I will send daily email contact about local and Oxford news (if wanted0 Neighbourhood Alert and other information from Oxford organisations. Regular liasion with local Neighbourhood Police. Council and other organisations.

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Scheme coordinator

Maggie Lewis
I am the Area Co-ordinator for Cowley, Temple Cowley and Cowley Marsh, Multi-Scheme Administrator and Thames Valley NHWA Committee Member representing Oxford Local Policing Area. I have lived and worked in this area all my life and worked in mental health and have always been involved with the local community. I want to make the area safer by listening to your concerns and try to find solutions with the help of our local neighbourhood police. I cover a large area and have regular contact with the Local Neighbourhood Police, Councillors and other organisations throughout Oxfordshire. I co-ordinate by sending daily information but also receiving and sharing information between members.
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