Cowley, Temple Cowley & Cowley Marsh

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The scheme will help reduce crime in the area and help with community cohesion and safety. Personalised crime reports sent bi-monthly. Daily local news. I attend regular meetings with local Neighbourhood Police, Council and other organisations to help with crime prevention and community safety as Chair of Oxford Neighbourhood Watch Association.

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Scheme coordinator

Maggie Lewis
I have lived and worked in this area all my life and have always been involved with the local community. I want to make the area safer by listening to your concerns and try to find solutions with the help of our local neighbourhood police and Councillors. I cover a large area and have regular contact with the Local Neighbourhood Police, Councillors and other organisations throughout Oxfordshire. I co-ordinate by sending daily information and also receiving and sharing information between members personally and by email contact. I support other Co-ordinators throughout Oxford. I am the Area Co-ordinator and Co-ordinator for Cowley, Temple Cowley and Cowley Marsh, Chair of Oxford Neighbourhood Watch Association, MSA and Thames Valley NHWA Committee Member representing Oxford Local Policing Area and Chair of Oxford Neighbourhood Watch Association.
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