Eversley neighbourhood watch

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Warbrook Lane ad St Neots Road including Warbrook House and St Neots School. This is the re-start of the existing scheme which I set up around 1999 and ran to about 2006. From then it was more informal due to lack of info from the police but is now fully up and running again.

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Scheme coordinator

Brian Webb
Brian Webb - Warbrook Lane & St Neots Road Co-ordinator, Eversley We have been running the NW scheme in our area since 1999 and in that time have helped solved several crimes. Ever more important is the crime deterrent effect because now every neighbour has a printed list on the fridge of every other neighbours name, address and contact details so should they see anything even the slightest bit fishy they can contact the other neighbours immediately. This had continued the community spirit and also helps people keep an eye out for the elderly and more vulnerable in the area as well as neighbours away on holiday.
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