Stukeley Meadows - Salon Way

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Salon Way Neighbourhood Watch Scheme.

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Scheme coordinator

Jenna-Jayne Blake
My name is Jenna-Jayne Blake, I grew up in a quiet area of Leicestershire; while living on the quiet cul de sac I grew up on everyone knew each other - neighbours let me sit inside out of the rain if I forgot my key and my Mother didn't need to worry about me being on the streets on my own. Sadly, this is not the case, after meeting a few residents of the area I've learnt that long term residents have met one another, however, others simply don't know each other - arranging a Neighbourhood Watch is my idea of bringing residents together not just to prevent break ins but also, to look out for each other in general. I plan on organising coffee mornings, meetings etc. and am open to suggestions.
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