Ashton keynes / leigh neighbourhood watch

Scheme information

ASHTON KEYNES & LEIGH NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH Like me, you may also have been somewhat alarmed by the recent Police newsletter articles highlighting some incidents of dwelling and shed burglary in Ashton Keynes and some surrounding villages recently. I know that I read with interest the broad details of some of the crimes that apparent travelling criminals are committing in our area. Incidents of day time house burglaries where jewellery is stolen or shed / garage burglaries where tools etc are stolen. It is true that crime levels in Ashton Keynes / Leigh are low but they are, however, still committed and some are serious. We do not want to raise the fear of crime so I believe we, as a community, should all be fully aware of what exactly is happening and ideally be in possession of recent, accurate and relevant information about what crimes have happened and more importantly – who may have committed them. I have had a meeting with Pc Steve Harvey who is very supportive of a new scheme in Ashton Keynes and Leigh. He has agreed – through the area coordinator Ian Mace – to provide up to date recent information as to what crimes have occurred and, if available, details of any descriptions of offenders or vehicles that may be involved. This will enable us to keep our eyes open with specific details to look out for. I am the NHW coordinator for Ashton Keynes and Leigh. If you would like to receive up to date information of what crimes are being committed in our and surrounding villages, please forward to me all email addresses of any interested adults in your household and I will include you all in any information update. This is a two way information flow so please then let me know what you know about the more serious crimes in our villages and I will pass it on. The Police are the first to admit that they can not fight or prevent crime alone. I believe that together we can create a determined community that cares, a community that can help to detect and prevent crimes by building a network of determined, informed and alert village residents who can let any travelling criminal know that they will not get easy pickings in our villages. It is a fact that the majority of crimes are committed by only a few prolific criminals. I believe we need to continue to be more cooordinated and proactive as a community, if we are to let offenders know that they will have some difficulty should they come here. Whilst being vigilant and confident as a small community prepared to watch, record and report, we will be good neighbours looking out for each other as empowered residents prepared to build a secure and confident community. It is really about being accurately informed, confident, proactive and alert good neighbours. Simple - but formidable. Please forward your email address to me at If you have any questions or would like to become more involved let me know.