Pine hill nhw ref no:m4/106 july 2007

Scheme information

The area covered is Pine Hill and all residents of Pine Hill have been invited to join.I am the original co-ordinator since July 2007 and I live at No:11 My deputy is Paul Iveson who lives at No:5. I run this NHW by e-mail but in an immediate emergency I would notify every household in Pine Hill by letter and verbally, All incidents in our immediate vicinity are sent to the members. List of households in the Pine Hill NHW .Nos: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,15,19,23,24,25, No:12 is a sheltered house with care assitants 24hour x 365

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Scheme coordinator

Brian Harrison
I am a retired Health & Safety manager and have lived in Pine Hill for 16 years. A serious break-in occurred in July 2007 and also a car theft from a secure garage. This prompted households 1 to 11 to form a NHW. Some houses in Pine Hill have been repeatedly targetted by thieves as well as anti social behavior . Since then further incidents have resulted in some of the houses 14 to 25 to join. All households have been invited to join . I run a paperless system but send out each e-mail individually so that phishers and scammers cannot access a person's e-mail address through this NHW.
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