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As we are a small community down here in the Bridge Woods, we feel that this is a chance to regenerate a community spirit that we once had. Tucked away off Low Lane, and mostly out of sight of the rest of Horsforth, the Bridge Woods are often forgotten about. This is our chance to join together and to help and support one another when the need arises. Unfortunately we have a ginnel off Bridge Wood View that has been used by criminals of all types to gain access to our small community and also to leave by or pass through at all times of day and night. The more eyes and ears we have looking and listening then the more effective our scheme can be. We seem to have a dedicated team of PCSOs at the moment who are there to help and support us. If anyone on Bridge Wood Close wants to become more involved and become a focal member then that would be great. We have been trying over a number of years to get the ginnel either closed or controlled in some way to limit access to individuals and groups who use it for reasons other than it was intended for. There are two other access paths into the woods one of which is a public footpath and they access both up stream of the beck and also down. We feel that the ginnel we have is not necessary and could be removed or controlled without causing anyone any undue inconvenience. We look forward to welcoming all new members.

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