Hartley Road area

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For residents in the Hartley Road area: either living on Hartley Road itself, or living in houses/flats that back onto passages shared with Hartley Road, e.g. some residents of Lynton Road and Claridge Road. We aim to support one another in tackling crime and developing community - looking out for one another. The more of us that join, the more effective it can be. In addition, insurance companies will often reduce insurance premiums for people who are in a scheme like this.

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Scheme coordinator

Mary Crumpton
Having been a resident of Hartley Road since 2011, and organised a couple of street parties here, I have become increasingly aware of the crime situation locally - several of us have been the victim of burglaries, or attempted break-ins, in recent months. As a result, a number of us expressed an interest in having a Neighbourhood Watch scheme (there used to be one that lapsed) and so I agreed to set one up. I can be contacted on 07751 696 055 - Text me any time; Phone me during "sociable" hours only, please. Mary Crumpton
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