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I'm currently setting up a new watch scheme with the Barwell beat and intend to expand covering the entire village. The main concentration will be Fairacre Road to start with expanding as we find new volunteers. Anyone expressing an interest initially should get in contact with the Barwell Beat Office and once scheme takes off the various co-ordinators will take over.

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Scheme coordinator

Russell Roberts
I have been involved over the years in public / community schemes and after retiring from the forces I decided to keep up the traditions and forces values. On first moving to Barwell we had a young family one of which was already participating in the Scouting movement and as we settled in he decided he wanted to continue in Barwell. At the time Barwell was very short of instructors and helpers so I offered my assistance. Several years later I had to relinquish my post with the group due to a change in working patterns which was a shame I really enjoyed my 5years with the group and missed the interaction. Again with another change in working patterns I found myself with some free time again and it was at this time Barwell was trying to establish a Parish Council seeing an opportunity although missing the beginning of the first term I joined the Parish Council first as a co-opted member and a year later after I decided this was a worthy local institute to get involved with I became a Councillor. After 2010 mainly due to a disastrous election I found myself at a loss so I started to look round for other opportunities. I didn’t have to wait long! 2012 the British legion lost one of its long-time stalwarts in the village so a group of 4 decided we would volunteer to take over the patch and the first two years have been very successful. Many thanks to all those who have supported us. Now to date! Crime has been on the increase and as a self-appointed champion for crime (I’m not exactly alone here) and the fact we had lost our previous scheme I have been trying for the last 2 or 3 years to get our local beat interested in supporting another scheme. To this end I have been contacted by the beat to see if I would support a new scheme as a Co-ordinator / Training-recruitment manager and I have recently agreed with the beat to take this role. So here we are!
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