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JULIAN BRAY, NUJ, EQUITY Park Farm Neighbourhood Watch, Peterborough Telephone: 01733 345581. We very actively run this scheme through all forms of social media, Google plus, Facebook and most of all the very active Peterborough Tribune website. We are NOT part of the Cambridgeshire Executive Committee scheme, but run our neighbourhoods in accordance with written advice directly to us from the Home Office in Whitehall [Ref: T20088/11] (The Home Office owns the crown copyright design for Neighbourhood Watch). With the assistance of the Under Secretary of State for Justice Shailesh Vara MP (also our MP) The Home Office confirmed that we need not be part of the distant County movement based in Huntingdon. (Located outside of our own Unitary Authority of the City of Peterborough). Our own view, is that the County Executive Committee, for many years, did little or nothing directly for our neighbourhoods in Peterborough South. Our simple aim is to totally and actively support local neighbourhood police activity, and ensure funding, resources are not cut! We also carry e-cops data. If you wish to support us. Simply sign up on the website for copy posts by email and leave your comments and information. We attend or / are represented at Police Panel Neighbourhood Public Meetings, dates and times on the website. The Police Panel Public Meetings are the only working meetings we ever realistically need to participate in, and therefore fully support. Practical Help: We particularly need photographic evidence plus time, date, and place of any incident, but do not put yourself in any danger or risk. >>>> We confirm that Cllr. Christopher John Harper (CON) Stanground East has nothing whatsoever to do with this Scheme. For reasons see our website, Google search term is ' Cllr Turnip ' or call us. <<<<

Scheme coordinator

Julian Bray
Julian Bray Journalist and Broadcaster Local Resident in Stanground, Park Farm who also edits the PETERBOROUGH TRIBUNE news blog. You will understand why we get things rapidly done, as we get some ten thousands hits a month on the website. Running total (February 2014) is around 293,000. Simple mandate: We are not frightened to name and shame, backsliding officialdom and politicians who do not live up to the code of conduct. Equally we will ensure our neighbourhoods are safe and a pleasure to live in. Anti Social Behaviour is not what we need, and we report with video and photographs, all illegal use of minimotos and other motorbikes on the Green Wheel and elsewhere.
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