Temples Court / Crossberry Way

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Since around 2011 our neighbourhood has suffered from anti-social behaviour, ranging from teenagers sitting in our children's play area until 2 or 3am, shouting and swearing, to verbal abuse of residents for asking them to stop. This led to a mobile police unit visit around November 2013. In early February 2014 the tyres of five cars were slashed, and the windows of two properties smashed. We have good reason to believe that the anti-social behaviour and criminal attacks were carried out by a gang of teenagers, most of whom are resident in the village. Although a number of residents have reported incidents to the Police, and they have taken some action, I believe we could resolve problems more quickly if there was better coordination and sharing of information.

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David Snodgrass
I have lived in Helpston for over 13 years, and enjoyed most of my time here. However, over the last three years my family and I have been targeted by a group of teenagers in the village, for asking them to move on and stop making a noise. This is unacceptable, and I'd like to reclaim our quiet, peaceful neighbourhood. To do this I believe I need the help of residents in Temples Court, Crossberry Way and Willow Mews, to report any suspicious behaviour and collate it centrally.
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