Enright close, college park.

Scheme information

I am hoping to create a scheme that covers the area of College Park. I would like to encourage as many householders as possible to take responsibility for monitoring their particular cul-de-sac and reporting any incidents or suspicious behaviour to the relevant authorities and also to the other cul-de-sacs on College Park.

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Scheme coordinator

Leonie Frazier
I have just returned from my good neighbour and friends house where I tried to offer what support and comfort I could whilst the Police questioned them after returning home to discover they had been burgled. Their car was stolen and their home was ransacked. They feel violated and devastated. I now feel that it is time for our community on College Park to pull together, be vigilant and help prevent any more crime in the area. Hopefully other cul-de-sacs on College Park will feel as strongly as Enright Close and also join.
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