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I have been Coordinator for just a few months & so am in the very early stages of setting up a scheme. However, in the mean time I've kept an eye on our local police website & talked to our PCSOs, to gather information on local crime. I had a Neighbourhood Watch Area notice put up and have used a photo of that to make some headed paper. When ever I get relevant information on our local crime I use write a quick letter with those detail and deliver one to every house I cover. As this is a council owned area, I also let my neighbours know when I've approached the police or council about local problems in order to keep them informed. Currently, I do this at my own cost. The area I cover is a group of 3 small blocks of flats and I hope to get two people from each block, to form a committee and, due to some significant positive results of NW coordinator action, most of my neighbours say they will join the scheme.

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Sue Sanders
My background was a career in nursing people with learning difficulties which I did as a registered nurse for well over 20 years. When I retired, in the 90s I set up the first Mental health Service User group in Sandwell & worked closely with the local mental health trust when designing & setting up our own psychiatric hospital, Hallam St. Then, in 2002, trust then employed me to audit care across the trust where I worked until Jan 2013. During this time I also worked with the department of health looking at services for people with Personality disorders. My reason for starting the scheme, initially was suggested by our PCSOs as we had drug selling and using problems, which they helped to stamp out. However, due to a change in personnel and shift patterns we don't seen them as often and the problems have returned and as this is a community of elderly &/or disabled, we want to feel safe in our homes & I think this scheme can help us in this.
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