Allison Grove

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I foiled 2 burglaries on my street and hence we decided to start the NHW. We are a close knit friendly bunch on our road and look out for each other. If someone goes away on holiday they let their neighbours know so that everyone keep a close eye. We are also aware of strange cars and unknown registration numbers. We have some elderly and retired people living on the road which is excellent as it deters burglars and other opportunistic people, as they are aware of people activity in the street at all times. When any of the residents are on hoilday we make sure we use their dustbins so that it doesn't appear like the house is unoccupied. I have been the scheme co-ordinator for 3 years.

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Roma Kamdar
I am a medical doctor by profession and came to live in th UK 10 years ago from Kenya, where crime/ burglary,car-jacking and senseless murder is an everyday occurrence. I grew up with having an in-built community spirit of looking out for each other, and this has inspired me to carry on the work as a NHW co-ordinator here.
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