Broadwater Rise/Broadcroft/Broad Oak Close

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This scheme covers : Broadwater Rise Broad Oak Close Broadcroft I became co-ordinator 26 years ago when every house in the scheme had been burgled and cars were being broken into and vandalised on a regular basis. Following an active campaign and the excellent work of the local police we have had very few problems since. Most residents are now signed up to e watch and we have new signage which help as a deterant

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James Rowe
Bio Update: I have been the co-ordinator for 31 years and in that time have managed to communicate to every member the importance of registering with e-watch to receive twice weekly updates of crime within the Kent area and specifically as it relates to our scheme. There are sufficient residents who are retired or work from home who as members of the scheme can report anything suspicious to the numbers provided by e-watch.
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