Goldsmith Road, Worthing

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My patch is Goldsmith Road. I took on the position after becoming concerned that nothing appeared to be `active' within the scheme that I joined several years before. It turned out the then co-ordinator had lost interest and discussing this with my area co-ordinator and also a friend, it was suggested that I took over the position which I did. It has proved beneficial inasmuch as I now know many more of the residents inthe street and while it has taken some time, there is now a great deal of communication and reporting of incidents whether large or small, the latter being the case for most of the time. I work well with the local PCSO from whom I receive regular news items or `flash messages which I then distribute to my members. While I would dearly love to see more members, it takes time to build up trust and make members believe it is indeed an active `Watch' system

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