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As Neighbourhood Watch is being resurrected in our Parish, it is in all our interest to fine willing parties among our residents to carry out small daily duties like observation. Prevention is better than cure in respect of having to put better locks on windows and doors. Observing any strangers in the vicinity of your abode! For those of us left at home on retirement, this can be an everyday task without taking you too far away from your normal routines and will be a great help. Our good ladies with children at home could be informative on any strange out of the ordinary goings on. To make the NHW a success we need your help. As your co-ordinator, you can ring me to find out any details at any time. Cllr Julie Shaw - 01303 255502. Email: WATCH THIS SPACE FOR NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH INFORMATION If you are worried and feel that there is need of the Police, but it is not an emergency, you can ring 101. This will get you the Kent Police. Please take a reference number from them and give it to me and I will record it. Of course if you think that a crime is taking place, then ring 999 for a quick response. NHW needs you, we will be most grateful for your help. Thank you. Councillor Julie Shaw.

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