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Snowy Way Neighbourhood Watch is just about being a good neighbour and keeping an eye out in the area. It's what we do for each other anyway, but within a slightly more formal envelope. If you are already on the Snowy Way contact list you are already a (de facto) member. But by joining the scheme I can alert you to any security problems arising in the larger area of Hartford, so do consider joining up. Your details will not be passed to anyone else.

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Scheme coordinator

Mary Blackhurst-Hill
I am Mary Hill at 15 Snowy Way. Residents in Snowy Way have always looked out for each other and had a real community spirit. We had an original scheme started by Ste Greenall, our local councillor, many years ago. When he was elected to higher and greater things, he asked me to take on Neighbourhood Watch because, as keeper of the Snowy Way Contact List and main organiser of the annual barbeque, I was the obvious person. Contact me on 01480 437776 or mary_blackhurst_hill@hotmail.com
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