Stalybridge Road, Mottram

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A neighbourhood scheme that seeks to: - Reintroduce good old fashioned community values amongst residents - Promote 'neighbourliness' and community spirit - Reduce crime or anti-social behaviour - Provide residents with an added sense of belonging and security within their own home and wider community

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H Thomas
I very recently moved with my family to the area of Mottram, as I was attracted by its reputation as a nice, semi-rural area with a small village-like community spirit. As parent to two young children, this was an instant draw. Unfortunately however, before I even got chance to say so much as a quick hello to my neighbours, we were the victim of a burglary. I discovered the burglary by myself in the middle of the day with my two young toddlers in tow, which was needless to say, an extremely upsetting and unnerving experience. Following the incident, I was fortunate to meet our local PCSO and a very nice lady named Judith, who is a Crime Prevention Officer and Home Security Officer for GMP. Whilst talking with them, I realised how much more we could do, not just as a family, but as a community, to try to reduce the likelihood of anything like this happening again. The incident also got me thinking about how Neighbourhood Watch schemes have somehow ended up with something of a comical reputation - the nosey curtain twitching old dear with nothing better to do! Well I for one am not nosey, neither am I old, and I certainly have lots of other things keeping me busy! However here I am, reconsidering the merits of such schemes and wondering if a return to good old fashioned community values and neighbourliness between residents could be possible? I do believe that we can at least try, in order to achieve an added sense of belonging and security within our own homes and the wider community.
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