Hollywell Rd,Brant Rd area LN5

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The Hollywell Road Neighbourhood watch scheme will cover Hollywell itself along with all of the off branches streets and cul-de-sacs. I have lived off Hollywell Road for shy over two years with my children, and actually grew up on Brant Road. I've started this scheme to enable locals to feel a greater sense of community in the area. With winter fast approaching (and a tough one if weather experts are right) we must stick together to help our neighbours, from the elderly and disabled, to families, house shares, couples and those living alone. This scheme is a port of call for anyone facing local problems, from suspected crime and deviance*, nusiance neighbours* and excessive doorstep selling, or information and advice on any help that is available in the area. It is also here for locals to connect, and I hope if successful we may able to arrange meetings in one of the local community centres to discuss matters together. By joining you are also sending out an important message - together we are united, apart we are divided. *N.B - for any activity that you suspect is illegal please contact the relevant authorities i.e police. If you would like information as to what council body you need to contact I will try and be of help to you. Kate Taylor -Hollywell Rd co-ordinator-

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