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Newton Road is a very friendly neighbourhood, which is rare to find now-a-days with all the urban style living! Nothing gives me more pleasure leaving my door open in summer smelling the salty sea and seeing friendly faces with the occasion of a tourist or two asking about our pretty road! Of late, we have been targeted by some criminals and I will NOT allow ANYONE to break or upset our community spirit on this lovely happy road. PLEASE help me watching our neighbours houses and care for each other so no one upsets us and gain from what we pride most, our homes. Richie Crossley No:30

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Richie Crossley
My name is Richie Crossley BA(Hons) founder and owner of chicproduction.com 42 yrs old and semi retired. I moved from London (21 years) to Mumbles with my partner Maria from Newton. I love our area and would like it to be 100% happy, safe & free of crime. I am organising this scheme, as of late we have been targeted by crime. I will NOT allow to see my family & my neighbours to be unsafe. - Richie at No 30 Contact - 08448 112 626 (BT landline number).
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