Horspath Neighbourhood

Scheme information

The Horspath NHW Scheme is a whole Village scheme with every residence taken into membership unless the owners/residents have opted out. The area coordinators with a Parish Council Liaison member are the Coordinating Committee with the Chair being the Village Organiser/Coordinator. The Scheme history can be seen on the Horspath website at www.horspath.org.uk./nhw

Scheme coordinator

N*****e B*****t
My name is Neville Buckett. I am the original organiser of the Horspath Scheme which I started in 1997/8 in my own road in the Village. I recruited several Area coordinators and eventually registered the Scheme with Thames Valley Police. With the help of some of the Area Coordinators I progressively circulated every permanent residence in the Village. With support and backing of the Parish Council the whole village was taken into membership. I have been the elected chair of the Coordinating Committee since its inception.
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