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"Clifftop" Neighbourhood Watch Group includes about 80 households in an allocated area of about 150 residences in the Garden Suburb area of Baruc Ward in the west end of Barry in the Vale of Glamorgan. Our roots go back about 20 years. We have about 10 watches of 3 to 20 homes each. Each watch is headed by a coordinator and the group by the Organiser. The watch is affiliated to the Vale of Glamorgan Neighbourhood Watch Association; the current Organiser is on the VGNWA committee. Attendance at PACT meetings is encouraged. Meetings with the Police are as necessary and at PACT meetings and one or more police management or sergeants normally attend the VGNWA committee meetings. One or both of the Baruc Ward Vale of Glamorgan councillors usually attend the PACT meetings. (NW is of course non-political and we meet with current representatives of the ward.) More members and coordinators are sought. There is a coordinator vacancy for the middle of Marine Drive and we have no watches covering the Marine Drive loop or the Marine Heights part of Marine Drive. We are fortunate in being in a low-crime area although we are not crime free. The focus is on crime prevention. Minimal activity is required beyond good citizenship. For coordinators, a very small amount of liaison and administration work is asked for.

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