Park Neighbour Watch

Scheme information

Hi, Welcome to "Park Neighbour Watch" this scheme is for the residents of Park Close, Park Drive & Park Crest in Knaresborough. A low key simple scheme which works very well. Kick started with a lovely BBQ in June 2013. Currently active in Park Close & Park Drive with the amalgamation of a few residents on Park Crest. We don't ask to much from our members other than being vigilant with suspicious or anti-social behaviour. Now in the age of social media we have a Twitter feed to assist in information gathering from local resources be it for social events or information from North Yorkshire Police. We can be found at https://twitter.com/Park_NHWatch

Scheme coordinator

Matti Ward
I was approached by PCSO John Smith (3554) following trespassers caught on CCTV using our garden as a cut through. It then came to light that there was quite a problem with a gang of local youths, so we decided it was wise to set up the scheme. Being technically minded I am keen to use modern technology to help keep our community members safe at home and while away. This includes SmartWater, CCTV, IP cameras, wildlife camera traps (as seen on BBC's Countryfile) LED security lighting, alarm systems and even in-car cameras should there be an incident whilst out & about.
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