Barcroft Street (Sea End) Neighbourhood Watch

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Barcroft Street (Sea End) Neighbourhood Watch covers the northern end of Barcroft Street, Cleethorpes. Our aims have always been to improve and maintain our area to make it a safer, environmentally friendly and pleasing place to live. Developing a return to a community has always been at the forfront of everything we do.

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Scheme coordinator

Stephen Pygott
I am retired and have lived in Barcroft Street for 41yrs. Most of my working life was spent in the food industry with a break as a police officer with Humberside Police followed by a return to the food industry until my retirement. As you can imagine living 41yrs in the same street I saw many changes some of which were not good, the area began to deteriorate and this began to attract should I say an undesirable element and what had been a great community spirit began to disappear, so when a couple of neighbours suggested forming a neighbourhood watch we joined forces and the rest is history. It was a very big uphill struggle in the beginning but we persevered and although we could not recreate things as they were 41yrs ago we have now got a community back who all do their bit to maintain what we have achieved.
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