Brachdy A Cleaner & Safer Close

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Hi, my name is Sandy. Briefly what a number of us would like to happen is: Tidy up our Close by working alongside each other. Also; making it A Safer environment for everyone regardless; if you choose to join us. Thankyou Thank you

Scheme coordinator

Sandy Coles
My name is Sandy; I have lived on this close for approx. 19 years with my 2 children. Over the last 5 years Our Close has been getting better and better which has been down to every resident. After the success of the Jubilee Party last year; 5 of us neighbours got talking about the Neighbour Hood Watch Scheme. We asked our Community Officer about how we could start up one. We had our first meeting on the 11th July 2013. At that meeting we were told that House Ins Companies offer a discount where there is a known Watch in the area. If possible we would like you to join; however; we will be putting up information on the fence in due time.
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