Fairgarth Drive & Fairview

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Our aim is to raise awareness amongst householders of threats to our immediate neighbourhood from criminal or anti-social behaviour and to highlight the need for diligence in matters of personal safety, the security of property and personal belongings. Using information supplied to your co-ordinator from national and regional NHWN (Neighbourhood & Home Watch Network), Cumbria Police, local Fire Services, Trading Standards and other similar organisations, we propose to set up a network of 'information dispersal' - to ensure that householders are aware of current trends in their immediate environs with respect to rogue traders, cold callers, telephone and postal scams, thefts, break-ins, damage and any other situations of which we should all be aware. This is neither scaremongering, nor is it a vigilante group! If residents are provided with accurate information from reliable sources we are all in a position to be better informed and better protected from the possibility of illegal 'incursions' that could affect our lives and those of our neighbours. Please join the scheme.

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