Broadlea Park

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A Neighbourhood Watch Scheme set up for our residents in the Broadlea Park housing estate in Easingwold, North Yorkshire. We are a friendly area and enjoy good support from our members. We work with the local police and our residents to follow through any incidents - which thankfully are very rare where we live. Our Coordinators inform our members of any relevant warnings or information from the Ringmaster Scheme. We were one of the first in North Yorkshire to set up a No Cold Calling Zone on our estate and have enjoyed a significantly lower number of "cold calling sales reps" knocking on our doors as a result. The Scheme covers homes at the following addresses: York Road Stillington Road Ingleton Drive Buckden Close Sanholme Close Thornton Close Chair: Frank Johnston-Banks 7 Sandholme Close Coordinators: Mike Souter 2 Buckden Close Stephen Clark 6 Stillington Road David Andrews, 6 Thornton Close John Mitchell 20 Ingleton Drive

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