Gorad, valley, anglesey

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The Gorad is a peaceable and lovely place to live, but I was concerned that if any trouble came to the area we had nothing in place to monitor or deal with it, and no knowledge of who to contact if help were needed. Now 95% of those living in our block of 12 roads display the initial deterrent of NW signs in their windows, and a regular update of advice and information is circulated to every house. Should there be a particular problem we can advise everyone within a few hours. We also have also set up a ring round phone-link system, with a member at all key points, ensuring that anyone can contact the police and a nearby NW contact at any time. We have not set up regular public meetings because it was felt unnecessary, when not everyone would be able to attend, everyone has the knowledge of who to get in touch with in time of need, and everyone is advised of relevant safety and security topics on a regular basis.

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