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Nocton Village Neighbourhood Watch covers the whole of the village of Nocton and includes the hamlet of Wasps Nest on Nocton Fen. If anyone is interested in becoming a local coordinator for a part of our village and community, please get in touch with me. Your help is invaluable. Nocton village has eight local coordinators covering the Nocton Park (3), Manor Court, The Avenue, School Road/Wrays Yard, The Green, Halls Yard, and now Wasps Nest. We are now looking for a new coordinator to cover the Main Street area of the village. If you want to join one of these local schemes, or volunteer as a coordinator, please contact me.

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Scheme coordinator

Graham Jones
Interested? If you want to know more about this scheme then please contact me by e-mail at graham-jones@live.com or through this website. I sit on Nocton parish council and hold the 'Crime and Anti-social behaviour' portfolio. I also represent residents on the B1188 cliff villages community police panel which allows me to air your concerns, and praise where necessary, regarding local policing matters. We in Nocton are fortunate to have very few occurrences of crime, however this doesn't mean that we should be complacent. With police resources stretched, as a neighbourhood watch member, you are the eyes and ears they rely on for community awareness. Whilst not encouraging you to become 'snoopers' you will be encouraged to be vigilant, not just in regard to crime and suspicious activity, but looking after our village and the residents, young and old. I look forward to welcome you.
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