Vicarage Road Lingfield

Scheme information

Hi, The Vicarage Road Lingfield Scheme has been set up to address the increased, and prolonged, damage and vandalism experienced by the residents. Although we have been promised action by the council, with CCTV installation, and a "healthier" presence by the police in the past, neither has been followed through. This scheme has been organised to allow the residents an opportunity to increase both the information available concerning police bulletins, and hopefully to help the residents reclaim some feeling of empowerment over the future security of the street we have chosen to call home. I would urge as many residents of Vicarage Road, as well as the three Closes that join it, to enrol as members. We have all experienced the same issues either directly, or made aware of them by neighbours. Lets work to make this Village a place where; we are secure in, property is respected, and we can all be proud of.

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