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trimpleywatch covers the whole of the parish of Kidderminster Foreign. The scheme was started in 2006 following a local burglary and began with a message sent out via email asking neighbours if they had seen anything suspicious which might help the police. Our main aim is to quickly and efficiently circulate neighbourhood watch information to and from 'watch' members throughout the parish. Sight of any suspicious persons, vehicles, activities, etc., is notified by members to trimpleywatch@gmail .com with as much detail as possible. The information is then passed to all members via e-mail - for them to be aware. If relevant, details are also sent to local Police and to Neighbourhood Watch groups in other parishes. Through trimpleywatch, members are notified of the latest scams operating in the area so that we can all be aware. Our local policing team regularly send NHW Bulletins which I then pass on to all trimpleywatch members for their information.

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