Neasden Neighbourhood Watch

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The Scheme covers Cairnfield Avenue, Kenwy Drive, Avondale Avenue, The Circle, Ashcombe Park, Chartley Avenue & Eastleigh Avenue. It was first set up in 1996 on Cairnfield Avenue to tackle the increased crime on this road and subsequently extened to other roads gradually. The scheme was very successful and the level of crime came down quickly. The community supported the scheme. Neasden Neighbourhood Watch not only looks after law and order but also all sorts of social problems in the area such as fly-tipping, graffiti, broken pavements and roads, parking problems, helping each other and particularly elderly people living in the area etc. etc. It also helped the Council to instal a number of gates blocking the alleys behind the houses which were being used for anti social activities. Alley-gates are currently under the charge of Neasden Neighbourhood Watch and running successfully.

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