Q is for door safety

On October 1st last year Document Q of the Building Regulations came into force. Just three months later, its impact is being felt far and wide – especially by burglars who are finding the latest generation of front and back doors nigh on impossible to breech.

Clive Lloyd, managing director of our primary security sponsor, Avocet Hardware, said: “Document Q has been a real game changer – and its impact has been felt virtually overnight.

“Prior to its introduction, security hardware specification for doors varied significantly, but now you can rest assured that any new build door will be up to the job of protecting your home.

“At the minimum, it will have to be either PAS24:2012 rated or Secured By Design (SBD), and we’re finding an awful lot of manufacturers are going further than that as they attempt to lay claim to having the most secure door on the market.

What Document Q has done is weed out the cheap, insecure products that were often specified on cost alone and replace them with high quality, high security products that meet the most rigorous of safety standards.

“For example, our ATK TS007 3-star / SS312 Diamond standard Euro cylinder lock is now being used as standard by a whole host of major manufacturers, including SWC Trade Frames, NE Panels, Endurance Doors, Future, Regency, HWL and Quickslide. This simply wouldn’t have happened prior to Document Q, but now security is firmly to the fore and the benefits of being passed immediately onto the British public.

“And it’s not come a moment too soon – 74 per cent of all burglaries in England and Wales are committed through either the front or back door. 74 per cent! That figure is as incredible as it is shocking, but with the help of Document Q we fully expect it to fall dramatically within the next 12 months.

“Crime prevention is the best way of tackling crime, and Document Q has all the makings of becoming one of the finest forms of crime prevention this country has ever seen.”