Three new toolkits have been launched by the Neighbourhood Watch Network (NWN) to aid members and coordinators in their duties.

The new toolkits cover burglary preventionusing social media and a guide on how to set up and manage a new Neighbourhood Watch scheme.

They join the original seven crime prevention toolkits published last September.

John Hayward-Cripps, CEO of the NWN, said: “The toolkits have proved enormously popular ever since their launch, so it was a natural progression for us to expand upon them.

“Our toolkits are no longer exclusively about crime prevention, they now include help, guidance and insight for coordinators and members as they manage their schemes.

“These really useful tools have been put together by experts and we hope will help our volunteers make their schemes the best they can be.”

The toolkits have proved to be a successful innovation for Neighbourhood Watch since their launch having garnered tens of thousands of views. The Terrorism crime prevention toolkit was even nominated for best Awareness Campaign at the 2019 Counter Terror Awards.

The new toolkits can be accessed on the national Neighbourhood Watch website via: