New Scheme Start Up Kit

Describe your best practice
To help new schemes start up, the Association of Dorset Watches offer ink cartridges and paper to help with start up costs.

What did you do and why?
We found that some new schemes didn’t have the resources to start up the scheme. Some areas are less affluent and on lower income and so do not have the resources and funds.

Duration of the project

What worked well?
Supplying the paper and the ink provided a good offer and enabled a good relationship from the start. The schemes weren’t operating in isolation, they had support from the off from the association and existing established watches.

How did you overcome any challenges?
There were no challenges

How did you cover any costs?
From our funds. They have allocated funds of £100 for each new scheme to provide events, printing etc.

Which main category does this fall into?
Vulnerable people

Force/ Borough area

First Name

Last Name