NHW Logo: Licensing Arrangements

As you will notice above, the well-known Neighbourhood Watch roundel has had a bit of a face lift! We hope you like it. The changes aren’t huge, but we think it makes the logo look fresher and more contemporary while remaining completely recognisable.

You might be wondering when the new logo will be available for Neighbourhood Watch schemes and groups to use. In order to avoid the confusion we have had in recent years with different variants on the logo abounding and little influence over who can and can’t use it, we are introducing a licensing process. This means that each force area Neighbourhood Watch Association will enter into a licensing agreement with NHWN. Once the agreement is finalised, they will then be able to use the logo and roll it out to schemes and groups within their force area.

Kate Algate, NHWN’s Operations Director, will be working on the licensing process over the next few weeks with a view to rolling it out to Neighbourhood Watch Associations and police forces in mid-March.

We are asking Neighbourhood Watch schemes, groups and Associations not to use the new logo until their licensing agreement is in place. We apologise for the delay to this process, which is due to a high volume of work at the NHWN office coupled with a reduction in staffing. Please be patient and bear with us and we will be in touch on a force-by-force basis to progress the licensing in due course.

You may have noticed that some partners have used the new logo on co-branded materials such as the Care Quality Commission leaflets. This was permitted under a standalone Non-Disclosure Agreement and is not to be taken as an indication that the logo can be used more widely.