Public Liability Insurance Certificate

The Neighbourhood & Home Watch Network has secured funding from the Home Office again for the 7th Year to be able to secure free Public Liability Insurance for the whole movement to be covered to the value of £10,000,000.

Access Insurance has been able to provide us with continued cover at a very competitive premium, ensuring that we value the roles which volunteers undertake across the movement. Which includes cover for: Community Emergency Planning Committees and ’emergency neighbourly acts’ (if undertaken under the Neighbourhood Watch banner – see FAQs for clarity); and Personal Accident Cover for Co-ordinators under the age of 80 years whilst they are undertaking tasks on behalf of NW (please note personal accident cover does not include members).

The Certificate can be downloaded and printed off as and when needed.

For further information about the cover, please view the frequently asked questions.

Help & enquiries
If you have any general enquiries regarding this insurance please contact NHWN by email or phone 0116 402 6111.

If your enquiry is more Policy specific, please contact Access Insurance by email or phone 0333 344 7429.
Access Insurance is open for enquiries Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.
More information regarding Access Insurance
Access Insurance is a Chartered Insurance Broker specialising completely in the Not for Profit sector. Access Insurance arranges insurance scheme for groups such as Street Pastors, Street Angels and Street Watch.

Access Insurance is used to dealing with member and volunteer enquiries on a regular basis.
More information about Access can be found at