NHWN Strategic Plan ’15-20

Our Vision:

Is of a caring, cohesive, resilient society that is founded upon trust & respect, where the prevention of crime and anti-social behaviour is understood & embedded within communities.

Our Mission:

Is to enable communities to work together with other agencies to identify and meet the needs of their communities, to ensure that they are resilient and to help provide a protective safety net for those members who are vulnerable and at risk of harm.

Our Values:

To be credible, accountable, transparent, caring, realistic, inclusive, sustainable and independent.

Our priorities are…

Prevent Crime

Limit the opportunity for crime to occur through increased awareness & adoption of effective crime prevention measures & timely reporting of suspicious acts.

Identify & protect against current, new & emerging threats.

Effective use of resources

Develop effective partnerships & strategic links with key stakeholders to influence national policies.

Build appropriate, sustainable infrastructure.

Identify what works & for whom & share this with others.

Stronger & Safer Communities

Improve active citizenship, community safety & resilience through increased community participation, social action, neighbourliness & partnership working.

Reduce the opportunity for victimisation & the impact of crime or harm, especially to the vulnerable.

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